Here some of the matters I can help you with:

Web Development

Creation of websites, portal or e-commerce according to your objectives and product.

SEO Optimisation

Analysis of the website and market, keyword check, implementation of SEO and Local SEO techniques.

Innovation and Tools

Support with processes innovation and selection of new software solutions; training of the team with the new tools.

Email Marketing

Creation of lead lists, design of email structure and campaign. Analysis of engagement reports.

Market Analysis

Study of the market and competitive landscape, identification of market position, and support in growth strategy implementation.

About me

I like to support companies and help them grow.

I grew up in the border region of Friuli Venezia Giulia, a multicultural area where many different populations mix and mash, and where I could learn to connect with others, even when very different.

Working in small and big (multinational) companies and in different countries opened my mind and gave me the privilege to work with some amazing and brilliant people from who I could learn how effort and perseverance are key to success.

I now put my experience, energy and commitment for growth to the service of companies that are looking for a forceful, innovative, data-driven professional.

International experience
Problem Solver
Fast & Flexible

my experience

2019 - Now



Content Specialist

Responsibilities: Monitor and respond to comments on the client’s social accounts on behalf of the client, using their unique, brand voice. Enforce the online community’s safety and usage policies across multiple content areas and ensure that guidelines and rules are adhered to Craft engaging responses that encourage participation and the development of user-generated content to ensure that the online community is achieving its objectives.


DomainsBot Srl


Marketing & Sales Manager

Responsibilities: Managing and updating the corporate websites, analysing usage and traffic, optimizing SEO and UX. Sales activities, customer support, market research, email marketing, and lead generation. Exhibition organization, content creation, support sales accountants and Administration/Founders in development and business matters.

Goals: Launch of unified website and service platform, new customers acquisition, audience development, successfull new product launch, prospects onboarding.


rankingCoach GmbH

Köln (Germany)

Marketing & Sales Manager

Responsibilities: Management of Contents and Translations on Company website and Social Media Profiles, management of italian version of the tool, translation of keys and articles from English and German, Customer Support, SEO Consultancy, Managing Marketing Activities in Italy, Sales for italian market, Business Development and Partner Scouting for italian market.

Goals: Development italian market, increment in Agency Version sales, improvement in Customer Satisfaction (Ekomi), launch tool in Slovenia, Singapore and Malaysia.


Tessitura Tele Metalliche Rossi Srl

Como Area (Italy)

Marketing & Sales Manager

Responsibilities: Social Media Marketing, Content creation, and websites management, Organization of exhibitions.

Goals: +150%  “Like" on Facebook, 37000 visitors on ArchiExpo digital Show Room, the increment of brand awareness, acquisition of new prestigious clients.


Tonutti Group Spa

Udine Area (Italy)

Marketing & Sales Manager

Responsibilities: Market analysis, Copywriting and Content Management, Internet Marketing, Events organization, Co-ordinating marketing campaigns with sales activities, Planning and implementing promotional campaigns, Creating a wide range of different marketing materials.

Goals: Improvement of brand knowledge, successfully managed the participation at sector’s greatest Expos, improved and strengthened position in the French market, successful launch of new products.


Nestlé Purina Spa

Udine Area (Italy)

Marketing & Sales Manager

Responsibilities: Projects gatekeeping, Timing scheduling, Supervisoring workflow, Problem-solving, Copywriting initially for all pet food brands in south-European countries (Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece), afterward exclusively for Friskies in all European markets.

Goals: Successfully developed more than 50 projects, highest number of approved codes per month, Launch of new Nestlé Purina Europe Intranet.


Tonutti Group Spa

Udine Area (Italy)

Marketing & Sales Manager

Responsabilities: Copywriting, creation and translation of Operative Manuals from/to DEU – FRA – SPA – ENG, videoediting, photoediting, support on marketing activities.

Goals: Successful participation to the launch and promotion of different new products, professional management of all projects and due dates although the contemporary university studies.

Awards & Achievements

1st Prize

Innovative Hackaton at Vodafone Italia with the design of the new Vodafone Italia App, powered by a digital assistant (bot), called Vee, which could help customers interact with the app and easily purchase available services.

Special Prize

Unicredit Awarded my group with the Special Prize for the Travel Configurator we designed for Alpitour.

Italian Innovation Day

In early september 2019, 8 Italian startups have been selected for a mission to Australia, with the aim to pitch their ideas to Australian investors and journalists and share their vision and mission with potential partners from the opposite side of the world. Vitium , founded by Matteo, was one of these startups.


Italian wine discovery service

Innovative service for Italian wine discovery. We personally visit Italian small wineries and select the best wines to create a wine discovery experience for wine lovers overseas. Every month, we ship Italian rare wines accompanied by their Tasting Guides, digital and cloud-stored, that give to the client all the information he needs to enjoy every sip and discover a new Italian wine story.

Content Creation about Italian cuisine

Surfing the big success wave that BuzzFeed had in 2015 with its cooking videos, presented on the “Tasty" channel, and pissed by the reinterpretation of many Italian recipes, I decided to open my own cooking content channel. I’ve been studying recipes, their story and more authentical versions and filming myself cooking them, and I had a huge success (more than 170K followers the moment I’m writing this) considering all was very crafty and homemade.

Shared holiday platform

In 2015 I’ve been working on a personal project called Come With Us. It is a platform where travellers with different experiences and preferences can meet to plan a trip together, or share their schedule and accept others to join them, in order to save money and meet new friends.


BVR website

Big pictures and an original structure for a product that’s all about aesthetics, style, eye-appeal. The need to show, educate and have a first contact with the customer merge in this recently-refreshed portal.

TACTIS website

Big pictures and an original structure for a product that’s all about aesthetics, style, eye-appeal. The need to show, educate and have a first contact with the customer merge in this recently-refreshed portal.

Miofoulard website

An elegant website with double functionality: inform the visitor about the long experience of the company, the quality and main features of its products on one side, the possibility to calculate a quote and send an offer request on the other.

Interdialog website

Pretty, clear, functional and fast. Interdialog website has been designed to give the customer the best reading experience as it’s a complex network of links and information. It’s also made to meet perfectly the SEO requirements of 2019 Google algorythm and compete with big corporates for the first Google search results page.

Vitium website

An elegant website which tells to the customers all the information needed to understand the value of the service, the ethics of the team, the mission of the company.

DomainsBot website

In summer 2018 I was working with DomainsBot and we decided to renew the old-fashioned website, together with many other initiatives with the aim to give a new, beautiful and dynamic look to the company.

Officine Metacrilati website

Officine Metacrilati is the spinoff of Ludi Metacrilati Speciali, a company that realizes amazing works with different types of plastic materials. In order to differentiate the different product lines, they decided to create a website dedicated to design and architecture dedicated profiles.

TTM Rossi website

The new website for Tessiture Tele Metalliche Rossi had to be responsive, agile, lightweight and give a dynamic and fresh first image of the company to the customers.

Tasty Italy website

A simple wordpress website where to list all the recipes from the Facebook page, give instructions and curiosities about every single dish.

BVR / Tactis Newsletter

A monthly newsletter for customers of both product lines BVR and Tactis, with the aim to update the clients and potential clients on news, products specifications, offers and events. Our goal is to activate the list and stimulate the audience to visit the website and contact the company.

DomainsBot Newsletter

This Newsletter was more than the typical recurring email with company updates and offers. Our aim was to share at least once a month a lesson on how to use the last tool of the company. Every month we shared an article with screenshots, a video or a webinar invitation to help our customers or potential customers understand the power of the tool and how to get the best out of it.

TTM Rossi Newsletter

This specific newsletter was sent before and after every event the company was participating to. The aim was to engage the potential customers and invite them to the company booth and, after the event, to remind them the unique offer and characteristics of TTM Rossi products.

Vitium videos

Sometimes the best ways to show the value and quality of a service or process is with a video. That’s exactly why I’m realizing some videos that show the scouting and selection process for partner wineries.

TTM Rossi realization report

I created these reports for all the products and all the realizations of TTM Rossi. These practical pdf files are useful to explain and show to the potential customer the hestetic and technical characteristics of the products and the different ways they can be used.

Tasty Italy videos

After the big success of Buzzfeed’s Tasty videos, showing cooking recipes with a new perspective (from the cook’s point of view), I wanted to mimic their innovative style but with Italian typical recipes. I created more than 50 videos filming with my phone or camera and editing the videos with my personal laptop and Adobe Premiere.

RWood assembling instructions

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